Love and Body Language – Signs That Say He’s Into You

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If you’re expecting your man to express his feelings in a brutally honest, verbal way, you might have to wait for a while. Luckily, there are several hints a guy flaunts when he likes a girl, verbally or through body language.

Bokeh Couple_25815353542_lHe calls

When a guy chooses to call you instead of sending a lousy text message at the end of an ordinary weekday, signs are that he has been thinking about you all day. They usually don’t tell you why they are calling, but quickly check in to see how your day went and how you’re feeling. If this happens time to time, it is sure to say that he is into you!

He offers to stay at your place

Guys tend to prioritize comfort in their lives all the time. It’s very common to hear a guy say that he prefers having the girl sleep over at his place. However, if he doesn’t resist or react negatively about you constantly staying at your place, there is a chance he admires you. If he offers staying at your place to spend a good time together, that’s even better as he is willing to spend a good time together at your comfort.

Skips guy friends for you

There are many cases where his guy friends are unhappy when he starts spending time with a girl. If he is willing to miss a boys-only hangout to meet you, it is surely a sign screaming that he likes you!

Touching his hair and licking his lips

A noteworthy hint a guy boasts is to touch or twirl his hair. This may be due to him getting nervous around you, distracting himself from his thoughts. Another sign of nervousness is a man licking his lips. He may feel shy or he might be hinting that he is sexually attracted to you!

Directs his upper body towards you

A man will display his full upper body, which includes his head, chest and shoulders, towards you. This is a major sign that tells you he is only interested in listening to what you have to say. He deliberately positions himself in such a way in order to gain your attention and also to avoid any onlookers, letting them know that he is only interested in talking to you.

Consistent eye contact

He is definitely interested in you if he holds eye contact for a long period of time, such as 5 seconds or longer! This is his way of showing that he feels really connected to you and wants you to focus on him. This is his way to figure out whether you are nervous or comfortable around him and he will really appreciate it you return his gaze!

Notice his hands

It is vital to notice where his hands are placed all the time. It isn’t rare to find a guy placing his fingers around his waist and hooking a thumb on his waistband when he likes the girl. It’s also a good sign to see him putting his hands in his pockets or on his lap; it lets you know he is nervous and fidgety around you, probably because he likes you!

Frequent touching

If he is trying his best to touch you, offering you that awkward high-five or smoothly placing his arm around your shoulder, for example, he wants to get as close to you as possible, keeping you at comfort. He is also willing to let you know that he is protective of you; a guy only displays that for a girl he likes.

If you notice these subtle hints from your man, there is definitely a possibility that he likes you!


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