Dating in New York – Stuff to Do For Free on a Tuesday Night with That Special Someone

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Look at the buns on that one!_25228481483_lIf you are in New York, you have a date on Tuesday night, and at the same time, you are running low in pocket, no need to panic, you have many things to do for free and you can enjoy doing these things also.

Things you can do free of cost:

1. Have a walk in the central park with your loved one. Spend some romantic time with him/ her, share some feelings, make the moments memorable.
2. You can go to the St. Patrick’s Cathedral to pay a visit. Watch the beauty of it. You can also pray for your relationship to be better.
3. You can go to the Red Lion bar for hanging out and have some great feast of cool musicians performing.
4. You can go to any filming site and watch the movie being filmed.
5. Go to Times Square and have a walk in the bright lights.
6. You can go to the crocodile lounge for pizza where you’ll get pizza free for every drink. It’s funky.
7. Visit the Museum of modern arts and have a good time.
8. There are plenty of free open-air concerts in NYC every day. Go and enjoy.
9. Go to Pioneer Street for enjoying a picnic in Lake Front Park.
10. Have a walk in the Brooklyn Bridge.


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