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happy coupleIn todays’ society, the world of dating has become easier, yet, seemingly complicated. We now have online dating, which gives us more choices and faster responses. No longer do we have to hope and dream about meeting “Mr. Right” at the laundry mat, at the dance, at the store, on a girls’ night out, or wonder if we will somehow magically bump into him on the streets.

Now, we simply log online, describe what we’re searching for and what type of person we’re seeking. We type in our likes, dislikes, within hours, if not minutes, pictures and profiles, possible “dates” appear in your inbox. You get to choose. Whether through a profile picture, the “About Me” section or both.

Although “Mr. Right” may fall into your lap someday, it does still happens, many have turned to online dating as a means to find that perfect partner, that life-long companionship. However, with online dating as with any chance meeting, there are rules when it comes to dating.

Top Five Tips for online dating:

5. Relax:

This is a first date, it is not a to-do or die situation. Either it’s there or it’s not. After all, you probably have hundreds of others to choose from. No romantic sparks flying? Don’t panic…you may have found a new life-long friend.

4. Be honest:

Let them know what you expect, (not all negative, positive is awesome too), don’t pretend you loved the movie Saw I or Saw II, chances are, later down the road you may be caught in that lie and have to suffer through Saw III!

couple walking3. Talk (not about your past), but also…Be a good listener:

Talking is therapeutic, it helps us to thrive and bond. So does listening and being heard. How wonderful is it, that on the second date; he shows up with a van full of assorted rose bushes waiting to be planted, because he “heard” you love gardening and roses are your favorite? You, in turn, bring him the copy of “The One”, now on Blu Ray, because of course, he wore his DVD out he watched it so much…

2. Laugh…out loud!!!:

There is nothing more beautiful than a laugh. It’s good for the soul you know…it shows the best of you and can bring out the best in them.

1. REMEMBER this is dating and NOT a commitment for marriage:

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is fooling ourselves that this date is going to be the “one” I’m going to marry or spend the rest of my life with. Wrong….this way of thinking will certainly lead to failure. It’s also a sign of desperation and neediness. We want to love openly and freely, and we want to be loved openly and freely, not out of some sad desperation.


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